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Learn french with the Library !


You're a foreigner and you want to learn French? You’re at the right place !

The libraries have a free entrance. Subscribing is necessary if you want to borrow some documents, including learning language methods. You just have to bring a proof of your address. You will then be delivered a library card.

Located close to the Paris Charles de Gaulle’s airport, the 28 libraries of Roissy Pays de France provide:

  • Collections –books, movies, music, press (more than 650 000 pieces)
  • Services – wifi access, friendly spaces, cultural events
  • Free digital ressources 24/7 : MyCow or ToutApprendre make learning French possible.
You also have other ones such as :
You want to see a film in your mother tongue ? It's possible with these free digital ressources on VOD platforms :


Don’t hesitate to reach us on site during the opening hours ! The librarians will be glad to help you for research.


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